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Happily Ever After is a faith led mother/daughter team that cares deeply for our clients. We will go that extra mile to ensure our brides experience with us surpasses their expectations and dreams.

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We are Lynn & Jessica.

The Blushing Bride (Post 3)


We’re quite sure that many of you have friends, sisters, sister-in-laws or even cousins who have gotten married recently. They are a great source to turn to for advice and would probably love to tell you what worked or didn’t work on their big day. Here is what one of our recent brides had to say about this.

“Some of the best advice I received helped to make all the difference on my wedding day: 1- Be sure to look at your guests’ faces as you walk down the aisle so you have that moment captured in your memory; 2- Do your best to plan, but when it comes to the day of the wedding…let it all go. Whatever details or changes that have to be made at the last minute, trust your wedding coordinator and the professionals you hired – let them take on the stress for you and just enjoy the people and the one day you get to be a bride with your new husband; & 3- My Daddy/Daughter Dance was done to a fast song (one of my Dad’s favorite songs and bands) and that made the moment VERY JOYFUL for not only he and I, but also our guests. My Dad slung me around and we laughed a lot! Our guests had a great time watching us dance, too. But the thing is that the song we chose was what we wanted to dance to – I didn’t let the pressure of what other people’s expectations were “get to me”. And, in general, it’s just a good perspective to remember that people (family, friends etc…) may have their ideas of what your day should look like, but at the end of it all it needs to be a day that shows off your (as a new couple’s) personality. If you want to be married outside…get married outside. If you want to eat BBQ and have a more relaxed atmosphere…then that’s what you do. Other people have had their (or will have their) chance and while their advice may be good…you may want to ponder it…but don’t feel that you have to take it.”




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