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Happily Ever After is a faith led mother/daughter team that cares deeply for our clients. We will go that extra mile to ensure our brides experience with us surpasses their expectations and dreams.

a mother & daughter planning duo

We are Lynn & Jessica.

First Look at the Bradford’s



mr and mrs

The” First Look”. The much debated topic among photographers, planners and friends and family of the happy couple. Should they do it? Will they do it? Where should they do it? Oh I could list the many reasons why I think they should or shouldn’t, but I won’t bore you with that. I’m here to talk about another “First Look”, one that no one seems to think about or even mention and that’s mostly because the person on the receiving end of that look is not the most important person on that day. At least they shouldn’t be. I’m talking about the first look the bride and groom get of their event space. The very first time they see everything they worked so hard to achieve come to life. It’s no longer a vision in their head, doodles and notes in their notebook or pins on their Pinterest boards. It is now a perfect picture dream wedding standing right in front of them that they can proudly say is all theirs. And as their planner nothing beats seeing the look on their faces when I have successfully given them the wedding they had always hoped for. Their Happily Ever After.

That brings us to Kristen and David. I first met them in January of 2014 and from that first meeting up until the end of the reception I felt as though we have been friends for years. There was something about Kristen, she just had this energy that made you want to be around her. She’s one of those people that was always smiling, always laughing and she’d get so excited about every little detail. And as a planner that makes our job all the more fun. She told me she envisioned a vintage, shabby chic wedding with gold, blush and lace and when I saw all the pictures she pinned on her Pinterest boards, I knew this was going to be an amazing wedding. Oh yeah, did I mention they also were bringing in some elements from one of their favorite movies ”Up” as well as Kristen surprising David with a pool table at the reception because that is something that they enjoy doing together? Bonus!! My brides can attest to two things I always say to them:
1) I LOVE DIY. Bring on the details, the more the merrier.
2) Make it personal. Bring in as much as you can about the two of you, your guests will love that. They will feel a connection to you. You only have one shot at this so do what you want and make it about the two of you.

And that’s exactly what they did. But at times Kristen would second guess herself and I remember phone conversations and e-mails where I had to encourage her to go with what she envisioned, what she knew she wanted even if it didn’t make sense on paper. I would always say “trust me” and that she did. They were also open minded to ideas I had once I really got to know them and get a feel for what they were trying to achieve. As the weeks drew closer I found myself getting just as excited as Kristen. Well, maybe not AS excited but pretty darn close. The day of the wedding I couldn’t get to the venue fast enough because I couldn’t wait to get started. As much thought and hard work the both of them put into this I was most certainly going to do everything I could to make this day perfect. And it was. It took place at the Shady Wagon Farm on October 26th and the weather was absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could share every single picture that the fabulous Brian and Kessie Photography took but I can’t. So I chose the ones that I felt meant the most to me, what I loved most about their day. And that “First Look”? It was something I will always remember, she was actually dancing around the room. Like a kid on Christmas Day seeing presents for the first time, I kid you not. And what does that mean to me? Everything. It’s not a pride thing, I am in no way putting myself on a pedestal. It’s more of an affirmation that I’m doing what I love. I can truly say I love my job, I love my couples and I love that “First Look”.

XO Lynn

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pool table

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Coordinator: Happily Ever After
Venue: Shady Wagon Farm
Caterer: Cook Shack Catering
Officiant: Barbara Lodge
Photographer: Brian and Kessie Photography
Video: Caravan Films
DJ: Paul Fitts
Florist: Springwell Gardens
Rentals: CE Rental
Pool Table: Triangle Home Gamerooms
Hotel: Homewood Suites




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