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Straight from the Heart

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Meet Us!

Happily Ever After is a faith led mother/daughter team that cares deeply for our clients. We will go that extra mile to ensure our brides experience with us surpasses their expectations and dreams.

a mother & daughter planning duo

We are Lynn & Jessica.

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going


Welcome to the new and improved Happily Ever After! To our family and friends, thank you for all of your love, support and encouragement. To all of our past brides, thank you. We are who we are because of you. To our current brides, we are so happy you have chosen us and we can’t wait for your big day. And to those of you just checking us out or contemplating using our services, thanks for stopping by. We’d love the opportunity to chat with you!

So why the change you ask? (We know you didn’t really ask but we’re so excited to tell you anyway so please keep reading). We like to think of it this way…..ladies, remember the summer before starting high school? All those emotions and feelings and yes, the anticipation? You have spent the last three years of middle school really trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in. You’ve experienced using make-up for the first time, possibly wearing a new “must have” dress that makes you feel pretty (if daddy let you walk out the door looking that way) and you might even have tried your first wedges (those are really cute shoes for the guys reading this wondering what the heck a wedge is. It’s not one of your golf clubs). You’ve experienced the hurt that comes from someone you thought was your best friend but in order to make herself look and feel better, she used your name to do so. You probably even suffered your first broken heart, now that sucks! But as we all know, it gets better 🙂 So now the next chapter in your life is about to start and changes are definitely coming your way. You’ve had the same group of “besties” for the last three years but you know you’ll be making new friends too. You’ve had the dream since you were a little girl of being a dancer, teacher or even a doctor but high school will open so many more doors for you to be anything you want, the sky’s the limit! You’ll learn to drive, get your first job, be a part of as many sports, clubs and school activities as your time allows (homework first) and maybe even find your true love. It doesn’t always happen in high school but it could. So what’s a girl to do to prepare for this next step? Well, she has to have the right clothes, yes? We know clothes don’t define you but it’s always nice to have a new look, one that says “I’m confident, I know who I am and I’m ready for the next chapter in my life.” So off you go to the mall. And don’t forget that new hairstyle, maybe some highlights, trips to the beach to get that sun kissed glow and the perfect new mani/pedi. In the trendiest new color that OPI can make of course! The sky really is the limit once your freshman year starts, it’s like a whole new world opens up for you but you NEVER forget where you came from and what got you to this point.

Well, that’s where we were at over the past few months. By the grace of God someone we love and respect opened a door for us back in 2011. They allowed us to be one of their approved planners for their wedding venue. We diligently worked hard making sure all of their brides had the best experience, all the while growing HEA a little more year after year. We have worked several other venues but the experience and opportunities of working at this venue really made us who we are today. We have been in business for almost 4 years now and we’ve formed great relationships and have worked with some of the best wedding professionals in the industry who have helped us become what we are today. Gaining the respect of other wedding professionals is huge! But we always felt something bigger was out there, that we had to take a leap of faith and enter into that next chapter of our lives.

So what were we to do? Well, a new look was a must. We knew we had to get a brand new look that really captured who we are. We knew financially that might be tough but it had to be done so we bit the bullet and hired someone who came highly recommended to us by another wedding professional we love (thanks Amaris). And what you see now is the look of Happily Ever After (thanks Brittany). We went “shopping” so to speak and got that new outfit complete with the perfect dress, shoes, purse, jewelry and mani/pedi to dive into our next chapter just like a freshman would her first day of high school. We look forward to making new friends but never forgetting the ones we made the past four years. They’re coming with us, so to speak. And that venue that made us who we are? It will always be our first true love. We didn’t break up, no way, we are still doing weddings there. As many as we can! But we know we have to venture out and get involved in all of those “activities” just like you would in high school. So we are getting our name on the preferred list of as many venues as we can, we’re attending conferences and local wedding professional meetings and we are participating in our first wedding show in August. It takes a lot of hard work, dedication and faith in our Lord and Savior that He will open new doors leading to new adventures. We are here for the long haul and look forward to where the next four years takes us. Prom queen, student body president, class valedictorian? Oh yeah…..Class of 2018 here we come!!!!

PS…all of our blogs will not be this long, by the way, we just had a lot to say. We’ve been silent for four years, what do you expect? Hahaha….thanks for reading our story! XOXOXO Lynn and Jessica





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